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FoundationOne® is a Personalized Cancer Treatment Map for Hematological Cancers and Sarcomas. FoundationOne®Heme scans the entire coding sequence of 406 cancer-related genes. By detecting all 4 types of genomic changes, it helps reveal cancer-causing genomic changes and provides information on targeted cancer treatment options.


TML (Tumor Muscular Load) and MSI (Microsatellite Instability) are included to guide our physicians in every FoundationOne®and FoundationOne®Heme report, without additional tissue, cost or time. These markers, which are used in some tumor types, can guide our physicians about whether patients can benefit from immunotherapies.

To download FoundationOne®Heme® technical information brochure. Click Here.

To see frequently asked questions about TMY. Click Here.

* For detailed information, visit web site.


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