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Transformation in early diagnosis and treatment

Women's health needs change at every age and stage of her life. Addressing her unique concerns — from pregnancy, menopause, and certain cancers like breast and cervical, and osteoporosis — help to ensure a healthier life. Roche helps laboratories keep up with her evolving needs with an innovative Women's Health Portfolio, delivering clinicians the results they need to diagnose and treat women across their lifetime.

Women’s Health Products

Elecsys® AMH

AMH is a direct serum marker of functional ovarian reserve and plays an important role in assessing ovarian reserve levels.

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Elecsys® sFlt-1/PlGF (Preeclampsia)s

Short term prediction and aid in diagnosis of preeclampsia

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Cervical Cancer Portfolio

The Roche Cervical Cancer Portfolio offers three clinically validated tests that help identify women at risk and improves the identification and validation processes of high-grade diseases in one scan.

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